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Education and Career Development themed Coffee Shop

About Coffca

Coffca is an education and career development themed coffee shop that furnish a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere for you and your mates to learn, share, and develop talents, that ultimately shape your future. We served not only good quality fresh coffee, but also various kind of light & heavy meals as well as non-caffeine beverages at reasonable prices and great ambiances. We strive to be a pioneer in the new way of career development in the city of Solo.



Tanuragan Raya, Gonilan, Kartasura.
Open Order
(Friday 16.00- 23.00)

•Meeting Room
•Indoor (AC) & Outdoor
•Praying Room
•Parking Space
Archery Area



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Anymore scanks super high taste .

Copuccino Coffee

A Coffee based drink made primarily from espresso and blended whith any flavor


The arabica chickhen and any food about chicken is ready.

Non Coffee

anymore drink without coffeee and with many flavor and various.

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